Kodak Professional DEKTOL Paper Developer – Powder to make 3.8 Liters

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Kodak Professional DEKTOL Paper Developer to make 3.8 Liters

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Kodak Professional Dektol Paper Developer to make 3.8 Liters is the company’s standard black and white paper developer for tray processing. This packet of Dektol contains enough chemistry to produce 3.8l or 1 gal of working solution. Dektol is an all-around developer, well-suited to a variety of paper types, and will produce cold to neutral tones with cold tone papers, or warm tones with warm tone paper. Its design offers high capacity with a uniform development rate for batch printing sessions.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
I use Dektol, along with a couple of other print developers, for neutral printing on fiber paper. Being a powder makes shelf life longer than I can determine. It is a great standard developer that I’ve used since the mid 1980’s..

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