620 - Six-20 Roll Film

These films can be used in any camera designed for 620, Six-20 and Six-Twenty film. *Respooled film is taken from current stock of 120 film and individually hand spooled onto a 620 spool, only after the order is made. This insures that the film is as fresh as possible.

One roll of respooled film per customer. Six-20/620 spools are difficult to get and are very limited in quantity. Once you have 2 spools, one for the film and one for the takeup, you can respool any 120 film yourself. It’s easy to do and very economical.

If you have your film processed at a lab, be sure to ask for your spool to be returned.

*Film Washi rolls their film directly onto 3D printed 620 spools.

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Showing 1–12 of 20 results