About BCG Film & Photography

My name is Chuck Baker and I’ve been interested in photography since 1960. I’ve made my living as a commercial and fine art photographer since the 1980’s. I moved to Nijmegen, NL in 1999 from Boston. English is my first language though I do speak poor Dutch.

I own and operate The Brownie Camera Page, an informational website devoted to Kodak Brownie Cameras, and am know as The Brownie Camera Guy by some on social media channels.

I’ve opened this online store along with a brick & mortar store in Nijmegen, The Netherlands because I’ve always wanted to have a store and I love photography. The Brownie Camera Page generates an enormous amount of “where to get film” questions so it seems logical to open this store and offer the lowest prices for film and chemistry in the EU.

I am an authorized dealer for the new products that I sell. This list includes Adox, Agfaphoto, Bergger, Foma and Kodak…with more being added all the time. I am also listing many items that I have accumulated over the years, like cameras and other hard-to-find photography stuff.

The photography products can be purchased in the store or online, sent to virtually anywhere in the world. I use DHL with tracking for most package sending.

If you need a passport or document photo taken and produced, just walk-in and it will be done quickly. If you are unable to come to the shop, contact me and we will arrange for the photographs to be done at your home or business.

I offer hand-processing of black & white films, specializing in old/found films.

If you would like to learn more about analog photography, ask for a one-on-one workshop tailored to you. All cameras, films, chemicals…etc…are supplied. All you need to bring is enthusiasm!