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Patterson processor tank

Today I met chuck and had a very pleasant conversation with him.
I was not aware before about his shop, but his plans are really promising!
Very happy to have this shop only 10 minutes away from my house.


I Love BCG!

BCG is so cool! Chuck helped me develop my first roll of film and it came out great. Thanks!

Sofia Klofman

Could not have been faster

I live outside of London. I ordered some film and darkroom chemistry on a Monday and it was delivered on Thursday. WOW!!

Sam Lotts

The best place for analog photography supplies!

This is my favorite film and chemistry supply store. Prices are low and service is fast. Chuck is knowledgeable and very helpful.

Jeroen Wouters

Great Choice and Prices – Fast

Thanks for being so fast. I’m really loving your website! Lots of choice for great prices. Keep up the good work!
Stan Quaedvlieg

From Chuck at BCG Film & Photography

Hello…I’m Chuck Baker, owner…operator…packer….shipper of BCG Film & Photography. Photography is my passion. I’m shaping BCG into the store I would like to get my own film and chemistry from. Thank You, Best Regards and HAVE FUN!

Chuck Baker

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