Fomapan 100 Classic Black & White Film – 35mm Format – 36 Exposure

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Fomapan 100 Black & White 35mm Format Film with 36 Exposures

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Fomapan 100 Classic Black & White 35mm Film is a panchromatically sensitized, black and white negative ISO 100/21° film. Fomapan 100 Classic 35mm is characterized by high resolution, wide exposure latitude and fine grain.

This Fomapan 100 Classic 35mm film is a 36 exposure roll.

Foma has been producing photo materials since 1921.

This is the one of the least expensive ISO 100 films available in 35mm format.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
I regularly use Fomapan films in older cameras with inconsistent shutter speeds. It offers incredible forgiveness of exposure, which is really needed when shooting with unproven cameras. Processing is easy and very controllable.

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