Film Washi “W” 35mm Film – Orthochromatic – 25 iso – 16 exp – Kozo Paper

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Film Washi “W” Orthochromatic Kozo Paper Film. This remarkable 35mm film is rated at 25 ISO and has 16 exposures.

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Film Washi “W” is an orthochromatic emulsion handcoated onto Moriki Paper’s Tosa Washi (Kozo) paper offering a very unique fiber effect, inspired by pictorialist, directly on the negative. This is the original Washi Film.

With high sensitivity to blue, less to green and no sensitivity to red light, this film gives best results with urban, portrait and still life photography.

This 35mm film is rated at 25 ISO and has 16 exposures. Washi “W” is spooled into recycled 135 cassettes (with no DX code), to be preferably used with manual cameras without automatic film advance systems.

DATASHEET for Film Washi “W” Film.

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