AP Mini Compact Film Developing Tank For One 35mm Film

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Process 1 roll of 35mm film with this AP Film Developing Tank.

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This small AP Film Developing Tank comes with one automatic reel for easy film loading and is ready to go from the box. This tank can process one roll of 35mm film however the reel can be set for 35mm as well as 127 and 120/220/620 roll film sizes, so it can be used for these film sizes in a larger tank. AP and Paterson reels are interchangable.

A small rod is included which allows you to rotate the film reels during development. The AP Film Developing Tanks are sealed with an O-Ring and close tightly. After the films are loaded in the tank, development can be done in daylight. The film can be left in the tank for washing.

A great little tank for the beginner as well as those who want a single tank in their arsenal.

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