Paterson Photo Developing Print Tongs – Set of 3

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Paterson Print Tongs are designed for the safe handling and processing of printing paper in trays. This 3 tong color-coded set includes: 1 X Grey – 1 X White – 1 X Red.

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This is a 3 tong color-coded set: 1 X Grey – 1 X White – 1 X Red. Each tong measures 17cm in length. The print grip width is 2cm.

Each Tong has a textured side panel to provide a firm grip. It rests on the tray lip preventing them from sliding into the tray of processing solution. In use it is very important that each tong only enters the solution in the tray that the tong is allocated to eliminating chemical contamination.

Like all Paterson darkroom products, this print tong set is high quality that will last for years!

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