Adox MCC Paper Developer – 1 Liter Concentrate

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Adox MCC is a high quality fine art paper developer producing deep blacks with extremely well separated midtones. This 1 liter concentrate can produce up to 6 liters of working solution.

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Adox MCC is a fine art paper developer formulated for MCC variable contrast photo paper. It works just as well with other fiber-based baryte papers. MCC is the best ADOX developer for neutral-black image tones. MCC produces deep blacks and extremely well separated midtones.

This developer is formulated for highest quality and allows a little bit more in all parameters: more capacity, a higher DMAX (about 5-10% ), less fog and a straighter curve in the midtones.

MCC developer features special additives to prevent silver slurry in developing machines and can be regenerated.

This 1000ml bottle can produce up to 6 liters of working solution. Dilution in the tray: 1+4 – 1+6
Dilution for machines working solution or as regenerator: 1+4 (regenerate 150ml/sqm)

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