Foma FOMATOL LQN Paper Developer – 250ml Concentrate

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Foma FOMATOL LQN Paper Developer is for all types of paper.

  • 250ml Liquid Concentrate
  • Yields a Neutral/Slightly Warm Image
  • Normal Dilution is 1:7 for manual processing and 1:4 for machine processing.

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Foma FOMATOL LQN Paper Developer is for all types of paper. LQN produces a neutral/slightly warm image tone.

FOMATOL LQN works especially well with all Fomaspeed Variant and Fomabrom papers. It is a high-durable phenidone-hydroquinone normal-working positive developer.

LQN is formulated for manual and automatic processing of all sorts of black & white photographic papers.

Manual Processing Dilution: 1:7
Machine/Automatic Processing Dilution: 1:4

Developing Capacity Per Liter
Resin-Coated Paper: 3 Square Meters
Baryta Paper: 1.5 Square Meters

Machine/Automatic Replenishment Rate
200ml of 1:4 Developer Per 1 Square Meter of Paper.

Foma FOMATOL LQN Paper Developer Data Sheet

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