Foma FOMADON LQR Film Developer – 250 ml Concentrate

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Foma Fomadon LQR Film Developer – 250 ml Concentrate to make up to 3.75 liters.

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Foma Fomadon LQR Film Developer is a one-part liquid concentrate to make up to 3.75 liters of fine-grain, contrast-working phenidone-hydroquinone negative developer. It is designed for the manual processing of all types of black-and-white negative films.
It is supplied in PE bottles of 250ml and diluted for use with water (1+10 to 1+14).

One 250ml bottle is sufficient to develop 12 perforated films (135-36) or 7 120 rollfilms, or a corresponding amount of sheet films, up to 30 x 13 x 18 cm sheets 13 x 18 cm…etc.

This is a developer in the FOMA Reversal Process Developing Kit but will not process regular film into slide film. It is sold separately for the outstanding properties as a one-shot negative film developer.

DATASHEET for Foma Black & White Film Developers.

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