Foma FOMADON LQR Film Developer – 250 ml Concentrate

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Foma Fomadon LQR Film Developer – 250 ml Concentrate to make up to 3.75 liters.

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Foma Fomadon LQR Film Developer is a one-part liquid concentrate to make up to 3.75 liters of fine-grain, contrast-working phenidone-hydroquinone negative developer. It is designed for the manual processing of all types of black-and-white negative films.
It is supplied in PE bottles of 250ml and diluted for use with water (1+10 to 1+14).

One 250ml bottle is sufficient to develop 12 perforated films (135-36) or 7 120 rollfilms, or a corresponding amount of sheet films, up to 30 x 13 x 18 cm sheets 13 x 18 cm…etc.

This is a developer in the FOMA Reversal Process Developing Kit but will not process regular film into slide film. It is sold separately for the outstanding properties as a one-shot negative film developer.

DATASHEET for Foma Black & White Film Developers.

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2 reviews for Foma FOMADON LQR Film Developer – 250 ml Concentrate

  1. duncandunlopper (verified owner)

    This is my go to developer for The fomapan line of films. This developer produces high contrast negatives with great shadows and Highlights. I would recommend for Fomapan 100 a development time between 5:00 and 5:10 @20C. The reason for this is that I had noticed when you develop for around 5:30/6:00 you lose lots of detail in the highlights. This developer is also used in the Reversal process from fomapan. This Developer is also one of the cheapest out there, while it produces great results. I’d Recommend!

  2. Adriaan Vogelzang (verified owner)

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