Film Washi “Y” 120 Roll Film – Panchromatic – 100 ISO – Kozo Paper – Handcoated

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The Film Washi “Y” 100 iso panchromatic emulsion, like the original Film Washi “W”, is handcoated onto Japanese Kozo (Washi) paper. This emulsion, paired with the texture of the paper, produces remarkable results.

Film Washi “Y” features high contrast with a fine grain.

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Film Washi “Y” is the film progression of the popular Film Washi “W” film. “Y” features a panchromatic emulsion with a nominal film speed of 100 iso. The film delivers awesome results with street, portrait and still life photography, but is not limited to these.

Film Washi “Y” is an panchromatic black & white film hand coated onto a traditional Japanese Kozo (Washi) paper. Kozo paper, made for centuries in Japan, combines just the right physical properties with a unique aesthetic: strong, flexible and transparent.

Film Washi “Y” is a 100 iso, hand coated Kozo paper black & white negative 120 rollfilm. It features high contrast with a fine grain.

INSTRUCTION SHEET for processing handcoated paper films using Paterson, JOBO & AP processing tanks/reels.

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