AP Bobinquick Junior Bulk Film Loader

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If you shoot 35mm, buying bulk film and spooling or rolling it yourself can save you money in film costs!

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The AP Bobinquick Junior Bulk Film Loader is a user-friendly and budget-friendly bulk film loader suitable for any type of bulk film in 35mm (135) format. The loader can also be used in combination with any type of cartridge, including plastic, light metal and regular DX-coded cartridges.

Cartridges can be loaded with film according to your own wishes in daylight with this bulk loader. The device also indicates how many shots you have rolled on the reel and an indication of how much film is left on the bulk roll. The maximum capacity of the loader is 30.5m of film. It is also possible to indicate the film speed (ISO/ASA) on the loader if you have forgotten which film is currently spooled in the loader.

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