Adox THIO-CLEAR ECO – 500ml Concentrate

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Adox THIO-CLEAR ECO – 500ml Concentrate is an eco friendly wash-aid for film and paper. It cuts wash time in half and assures archival film and paper longevity.

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ADOX THIO-CLEAR ECO accelerates and ensures proper elimination of sodium/ammonium thiosulfate (fixer) from the gelatine layer of your films and prints. After a two-minute 1+19 THIO-CLEAR ECO bath, washing times are reduced by 50%.

THIO-CLEAR ECO is free of hazardous substances and does not pollute the environment.

500ml Concentrate Capacity: 30 sqm / Liter.

Storage life of working solution: About 8 weeks when used with films or rc-papers. A little less when used with fiber based papers.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
Using a wash-aid, especially when printing, is an important step in the archival silver process. I use a wash-aid for both film and print.

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