VOS Glass Thermometer -10°C-150°C – 26cm – Contains no Mercury

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VOS 26cm Glass Thermometer contains no mercury.

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This VOS Glass Thermometer is a medical/research grade, accurate mercury free thermometer.

This glass thermometer measures 26cm long is much more accurate than cheaply made and overpriced digital thermometers. The temperature measured range is -10°C – 150°C in 1° increments.

It’s great for when larger 1 and 2 liter mixing is being done. It’s large enough to keep an eye on consistent temperateres when developing images in larger trays.

It comes in a soft plastic case.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
I have tried a few digital thermometers, because I want to use them, and I always return to glass analog thermometers. VOS 26cm Glass Thermometer is a straightforward and extremely accurate thermometer. There’s no mercury in case it breaks. I use this exact thermometer when doing larger work, like 2 liter mixing and large developer trays.

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