Tetenal Ultrafin LQ B&W Film Developer – 1 Liter Concentrate for up to 30 Liters

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Tetenal Ultrafin B&W Film Developer is a great choice for “classic emulsion films. This 1000ml bottle can produce up to 30 liters of one-shot film developer, making it extremely economical.

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Tetenal Ultrafin LQ B&W Film Developer is a liquid concentrate one-shot universal film developer. By varying the dilution you can use this with practically any film and control the contrast as you like.

This highly compensating developer is easy to use:. Just pour some developer out, dilute, develop, and dispose.

Varying dilutions are 1+10 to 1+30.

Product features and benefits:
• Ideal for “classic emulsion” films
• Can be used with any B/W film
• Produces good grain
• Effective usage of the film speed
• Impressive tone value reproduction
• Easy to use
• This 1 liter bottle can make up to 30 liters of working solution
• Excellent storage properties

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
Ultrafin LQ is an excellent “classic emulsion” developer.

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