Tetenal COLORTEC C-41 Negative Rapid Kit – 1l for 12-16 films

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A Tetenal Colortec C-41 Negative Rapid Processing Kit makes color negative processing easy and FUN!

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This Tetenal Colortec C-41 Negative Kit will make enough chemistry to successfully process 12-16 rolls of color negative film.

Tetenal Colortec C-41 Negative Kit comes with color developer, bleach-fix and stabilizer bath for correct processing of all color negative films requiring the C-41 process. The kit is for a very fast two-bath process.

1 Liter will process 12-16 films, though many people get more out of this 1 liter kit.

*Note for those who want to develop by hand: The temperature must be maintained exactly (+/- 0,2 Degree C) for perfect results.

Though listed as being for rotary processing, such as a Jobo tank, manually agitated tanks such as a Patterson can also be used.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
Though I mostly work in black & white, when I do color C-41 processing, this is the kit I use. It is easy and fun and every roll I have ever processed has come out without problems. Give color processing a try.

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