Spur Ultra R 800 35mm Film X 5 & Nanotech UR Developer – Kit II

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Spur Ultra R 800 35mm Film & Nanotech UR Developer – Kit II is a great way to try this very special film out.

  • 5 rolls of 36 exposure film
  • 50ml of developer – enough for these 5 rolls.

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This Spur Ultra R 800 35mm Film X 5 & Nanotech UR Developer – Kit II includes 5 rolls of Spur Ultra R 800 36 exposure 35mm film and one 50ml bottle of Spur Nanotech UR Developer concentrate containing enough chemistry sufficient to develop these 5 films.

Spur Ultra R 800 35mm Film is rated ISO 50 and is an orthopanchromatic high resolution document film. It creates high contrast negatives. The contrast can be controlled by the developer used.

  • Film Type: Silver Halide Film with Anti-Halation Layer
  • Spectral Sensitivity: Orthopanchromatic
  • Granularity: RMS (at density 1.0 and aperture 25μ): 14
  • Resolution: 800 LP/mm (at a contrast of 1000:1)
  • Reciprocity Failure: 1 second: +1/2 stop, 10 seconds: +1 stop, 1/1000 second: +1/2 stop
  • Granularity of SPUR Ultra R 800 is much smaller than SPUR DSX film.
  • This kit includes 5 rolls.

SPUR Nanotech UR is a high speed and push developer for the highest Resolution films SPUR Ultra R 800 and ADOX CMS 20 II. Nanotech UR generates fine tonality with these high-contrast and highest-resolution films.

  • Special Developer for SPUR Ultra R 800 and ADOX CMS 20 II Film
  • Sensitivity up to ISO 50/18°
  • Capacity: up to 5 films

Spur Ultra R 800 Film and Spur Nanotech UR Developer Data Sheet

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