Rollei Retro 400S Black & White 620 Roll Film – Respooled On Demand

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Rollei Retro 400S Black & White 620 Roll Film is respooled on demand using fresh film!

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This is a roll of Rollei Retro 400S Black & White 620 film respooled by hand using fresh film…on demand…after you order it.

Rollei Retro 400S 620 Rollfilm is a high-speed black and white film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27°. Retro 400S is a completely reliable partner in changing light conditions. It can be used as both an all-round film and as a film for the grey areas – photography in available light and dim lighting conditions. Rollei RETRO 400S is coated onto a modern synthetic film base.

  • 620 Rollfilm
  • medium to high speed panchromatic black and white film
  • special coating to improve the transport properties of the film in the camera
  • suitable for use in daylight and artificial light, without any restrictions
  • spectral sensitivity 380 – 730 nm

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