Rollei COLORCHEM C-41 Kit – 5 Liter for 60-80 Films

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A Rollei Colorchem C-41 Kit makes color negative processing easy and FUN! Rollei produces high quality chemistry, for outstanding results, while keeping the price low.

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This Rollei Colorchem C-41 Color Negative Kit will make 5 liters of working chemistry to successfully process 60-80 rolls of color negative film.

This Rollei Colorchem C-41 Kit is a processing kit for color negative development in the C-41 process. Processing can be done in rotation processers, development tanks or drums. Processing is possible at 3 different temperatures: 38 °C (standard), 45 °C (rapid) or 25 °C. The processing kit includes color developer A, color developer B, color developer C, bleach fixer bath A, bleacher fixer bath B and a stabilizer bath.

Rollei Quality!

Please Note: Rollei Colorchem C-41 Kits can only be sent within the EU.


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