Ilford ID-11 Film Developer – Powder to make 5 Liters

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Ilford ID-11 is a popular black & white powder film developer for fine grain negatives without the loss of speed.

  • Powder Film Developer
  • Economic and Versatile
  • Fine Grain
  • This Package Produces 5 Liters of Stock Solution
  • Same formula as D-76!

Compatible with: Spiral tanks, deep tanks and machine processing

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Ilford ID-11 is a fine grain film developer for all general film processing requirements where fine grain negatives are required without loss of emulsion speed. ID-11 developer is recognized internationally as a standard in many fields of scientific and technical photography.

ID-11 produces excellent results with all films and is ideal where a wide range of films and film speeds have been used. ID-11 ensures the best balance of fine grain, sharpness and tonal rendition producing negatives which allow a high degree of enlargement.

Same formula as D-76!

This package produces 5 liters of stock solution.

Ilford ID-11 Film Developer datasheet.

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