CineStill 800T Tungsten Color Print 120 Roll Film

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CineStill 800T Tungsten Color Print 120 Roll Film makes high-speed tungsten light medium format photography possible!

  • Color Print Film
  • 120 Roll Film
  • ISO 800/30°
  • For Use With 3200K Tungsten Light
  • C-41 Film Processing

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CineStill 800T Tungsten Color Print 120 Roll Film has a light-sensitivity of ISO 800/30° at 3200K, the color temperature of tungsten light. When shot with this film, “correct” color photographs are possible using “natural” tungsten light indoors for atmospheric, warmly rendered colors without a flash.

CineStill 800T is unique and closing a gap in the film market. Because of its high light sensitivity and adjustment to tungsten light this film is perfect for available-light photography like street photography at night: Photographs in clubs, bars and at concerts.

Because of its wide exposure latitude it is also a very good choice for Holga and Lomography cameras when they are used under available light conditions. CineStill specifies an exposure range of EI 200/24° to 3200/36°.

CineStill 800T is based on Kodak Vision3 500T cinema film but CineStill has developed a patented process to remove the Remjet backing layer of Kodak cinema films. Therefore this film can be developed in C-41 process by any high-volume photolab, professional lab, minilab or at home.

This film is fun! Imagine real, natural colors and correct skin tones using tungsten light.

If you want to use this film in daylight, but with natural colors, you have to use an 85B filter.

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