Bergger Neutral Print Developer – 1 Liter Concentrate

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Bergger Neutral Print Developer 1 Liter Concentrate makes up to 12 liters of working developer.

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Bergger Neutral Print Developer delivers neutral tone pictures with neutral tone papers like BERGGER Variable NB or slightly warm tone pictures with the chlorobromide papers like BERGGER Variable CB, CBS, and CM. Can be used with RC and Fiber-Based papers producing excellent results

Very economic, it can be used in standard dilution of 1+9. But depending on your needs, it can also be used at 1+7 for more strength or 1+12 for softer results.

It comes in black bottle with safety cap.

This 1 liter bottle will make up to 12 liters of working solution.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
This is the one of the developers I use for exhibition printing. I always have a bottle of Bergger Neutral Print Developer, ready to use, in my darkroom refrigerator at all times. The results are professional..

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