Adox SCALA 50 B&W Reversal/Slide 35mm Film – 36 Exposures

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Adox SCALA 50 is a high-definition B&W slide film.

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Adox SCALA 50 is a high resolution B/W reversal/slide film with a high copy range, low DMIN and very good DMAX. It is coated onto a clear PET base. The film is based on ADOX HR-50 with “SPEED BOOST” technology.

The new ADOX SCALA 50 can be reversal developed using the FOMA R100 Kit or SCALA B&W Reversal Kit. Any B&W reverse processing kit can be used to process this film as a reversal.

Using a B&W reverse-processing set allows for home development, however, the following labs offer B&W slide development services:
Klaus Wehner, Paderborn (per mailorder) with DMAX guarantee >3,5
Fotostudio 13, Stuttgart (local drop of or via mail)
Foto Fehling, Bergmannstrasse, Berlin (Local drop off)
ARKALAB, Paris (local drop off)
Foto Leutner, Vienna (Austria)
DR5, USA (Mail order)
Nik and Trick Photographic Supplies, Folkstone (UK)

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