Film Washi “Z” 35mm Film – Near Infrared – 400 ISO – 24 exp

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Film Washi “Z” Panchromatic Near Infrared Film. This 35mm film is rated at 400 ISO and has 24 exposures.

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Film Washi “Z” 35mm Panchromatic Near Infrared Film is a panchromatic negative near infrared (up to 750nm) sensitive black & white film originally coated for aerial vegetation mapping. “Z” offers nice contrast and green shades separation making it perfect for lanscape photography.

The film is coated onto a polyester base and must be loaded and unloaded under subdued light to avoid lightleaks.

Film Washi “Z” 35mm film is rated at 400 ISO and has 24 exposures. Film Washi “D” is spooled in recycled 135 cassettes (with no DX code), to be preferably used with manual cameras without automatic film advance systems

DATASHEET for Film Washi “Z” Film.

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