Paterson Micro Focus Finder

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The Paterson Micro Focus Finder features:

  • 8x Magnification
  • Built-In Protective Mirror Cover
  • Rubber Eyepiece Cap
  • Paterson Quaity

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The Paterson Micro Focus Finder is designed to produce a highly magnified image of the picture that is being projected onto the enlarger baseboard. This allows the grain structure of the negative to be brought into sharp focus as the image is adjusted prior to exposure of the printing paper.

The Paterson Micro Focus Finder is an inexpensive, yet effective, grain focuser. It has an 8x magnification, a built-in protective cap to protect the mirror plus a rubber cap for the eye piece..

The image produced by the focuser is bright and clear and, because of the magnification,  you can still tell what you’re looking at. With grain focusers at 20x and up you can see the grain better, but often not exactly which part of the photo you’re looking at.

The Paterson Micro Focus Finder can be adjusted for use by those who need glasses.

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