VOS 10 ml Graduated Measuring Cylinder – Borosilicate Glass

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VOS 10 ml Graduated Glass Measuring Cylinder is of the highest quality available, perfect for diluting chemicals that require 1:25, 1:50, 1:100…etc.

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VOS Graduated Measuring Cylinders are top of the line for those who demand accurate measurements. These are high quality measuring cylinders made by the leading Dutch medical and research instrument company, VOS Instrumenten.

This 10 ml cylinder is made of heat resistant Boro 3.3 glass and has a hextagonal base. It measures liquids in 0.2 ml increments with a 20°C +/- 0.2 ml accuracy.

Glass, unlike plastic, will not retain chemical residue when properly cleaned.

For exact measurements of very diluted chemistry, like Rodinal and HC110, small-sized graduated glass cylinders like this are indispensable.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
In general, I like breaking rules however one die-hard rule in the darkroom is to always measure using glass cylinders and mix in a larger 1 or 2 liter plastic graduate. When mixing Rodinal or other 1:50 type high dilution developers, using a small-sized accurate graduate is the best way to measure the chemical and using a larger glass cylinder is the best way to measure out the water for final mixing.

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