Rera Pan 100 ISO 127 Roll Film

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If you want to use your 127 again, you will not be disappointed with Rera Pan 100 ISO 127 Roll Film!

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Rera Pan 100 ISO 127 Roll Film is currently one of the only black and white films in 127 format on the market. You can finally grab your 127 camera from the shelf. Rera Pan 100S is a traditional 100 ISO black and white film. This film is unique and not a rebranded film.

Rera Pan 100S is a traditional fine grain medium-speed black and white film with outstanding sharpness. It is suitable for a range of photographic and scientific applications. Particularly portrait and landscape photography, architecture and product photography. It offers a broad exposure latitude while delivering rich tonal range with good contrast.

    • 100 ISO
    • It is compatible with most standard developers.
    • This panchromatic film is sensitized from 380 to 750 nm.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
I love this film. I use it in Brownie cameras with exceptional results.

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2 reviews for Rera Pan 100 ISO 127 Roll Film

  1. Hans Lammers (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Hans Lammers
  2. Victor van Dalen (verified owner)

    The film is great,but it is realy expensive like all 127 film.
    But i have a great yashica44 TLR,so for some projects i buy a film.

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