Ilford BROMOPHEN Paper Developer – Powder to make 5 Liters

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Paper powder developer suitable for dish/tray developing all resin coated (RC) and fibre base (FB) black & white photographic papers.

  • Powder developer
  • Make 5 liters of stock solution
  • Mixes 1:3 for 20 liters of working developer
  • Suitable for dish/tray developing
  • Slightly warm image tone
  • Economical with a long shelf life

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Ilford BROMOPHEN Paper Developer is a high quality yet economical phenidone/hydroquinone powder print developer with a long shelf life. Suitable for dish/tray developing, this developer works with all black & white RC and FB darkroom papers.

BROMOPHEN it is made into a stock solution that is diluted 1+3 for use and delivers a slightly warm image tone with most papers.

Ilford BROMOPHEN Paper Developer is designed for use at ambient room temperatures, nominally 20ºC/68ºF. We do not recommend its use for high temperature or machine processing applications.

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