Foma FOMAFIX Universal Rapid Fixer – 500 ml Concentrate

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This 500ml bottle of FOMAFIX will fix 17 rolls of 35mm or 120 film.

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Foma FOMAFIX Universal Rapid Fixer is a fast-acting, non-hardening fixer for use with every type of black and white film and paper. It can be used for manual developing tank and tray processing and for automated machine processors.

The fixer is highly efficient and features a strong buffer ability with long-term stability. Dilution for manual processing is 1:5, while dilution for machine processing is 1:4. 1 liter of working solution at dilution 1:5 will fix 17 X 35mm films or 120 roll films, up to 40 5×7″/12.7 x 17.8cm sheets or 3 square meters of photographic paper. Fixing time at 20° C is 1-3 minutes depending on the type of film or paper.

The contents of this package will make up to 3 liters of fixer.

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