Film Washi “R” 35mm – B&W Reversal Panchromatic Paper – 100 ISO – 24 Exposures

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Lomig Perrotin of Film Washi has produced a very special “film” indeed! This 35mm reversal paper film is rated at 100 ISO and has 24 exposures. There’s nothing else like it!

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Film Washi “R” is a 100 ISO reversal panchromatic paper originally designed for photo booth. It has been converted and perforated to be used in classic 135 cameras and has 24 exposures per roll.

It is not possible or recommended to be used in automatic cameras because of the “film” being a thick paper. *Please be advised that it is an experimental product and is recommended not to be used with fragile or sensitive cameras. Manual or semi-automatic reflex bodies are the best options to use this film.

This film can be used for all kinds of subjects, and is especially suited for artistic or decorative projects where the film can really be seen as an object in itself.

It comes in a 135 recycled cassette with no DX code and has 24 exposures.

“R” has a narrow exposure latitude and must be precisely exposed at 100 ISO.

It has a maximum spectral sensitivity of 640 nm and should be handled in full darkness.

PROCESSING: This film can be loaded in classic processing reels and must be processed manually with specific chemistry for black & white slide, such like reversal kits by FOMA, ROLLEI or BELLINI. *With the paper base of the film being much thicker, the re-exposure time will be increase by 50%. It is possible to use the same processing time as FOMA PAN R.

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