Bellini KIT RA4 35°C Color Paper Developer – 5 Liter Kit

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The Bellini KIT RA4 35°C Color Paper Developer – 5 Liter Kit contains the chemistry to make 5 liters of Developer, 5 liters of Bleach Fix and 20 liters of Stabilizer.

It is made for the RA4 process at 35°C.

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The Bellini KIT RA4 35°C Color Paper Developer – 5 Liter Kit is a complete and easy-to-use kit for the development of RA-4 color paper in small volumes. The process consists of three baths (color developer, bleach-fix and a stabilizer) and is mainly suitable for (small) roller conveyor machines such as JOBO CPP/CPE/CPA or Durst RCP. The kit, like every other Bellini product, is produced locally in Italy to the highest quality standards. Moreover, the price tag of this kit makes your own home analog color photo prints accessible!

The color developer and bleach fix come in two parts and must be mixed with water to get the correct working solution. With this kit, the color paper is also developed at a temperature of 35 °C. Room temperature development usually requires doubling the applicable times. In contrast to Tetenal’s RA-4 kit, Bellini’s process requires a stabilizer as a final bath for a long-lasting high-quality print. The stabilizer concentrate supplied has a high dilution ratio. It is recommended to renew the bath per m² of developed photo paper.

The prepared working solution has a shelf life of 8 to 12 weeks, depending on the amount already used. Opened concentrates have a shelf life of several months. After use, the working solutions are best stored in light-tight (accordion) bottles.

DATASHEET for Bellini KIT RA4.

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