Adox “Rodinal” 25ml Plastic Graduated Measuring Cylinder

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An Adox “Rodinal” 25ml Plastic Graduated Measuring Cylinder simplifies measuring the exact amount of Rodinal/Adonal, at 1:25, to develop your film.

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Adox “Rodinal” 25ml Plastic Graduated Measuring Cylinder is designed specifically for measuring Rodinal and/or Adonal easily at 1:25. One side of the cylinder measures out 25ml in 1ml increments while the other side has preprinted lines for the correct amount of Rodinal to make enough  working solution for 35mm and for 120 roll film.

300 ml = 1 roll of 35mm in a standard tank.
600ml = 1 roll of 120 in a standard tank.

This affordable Adox-quality measuring cylinder makes mixing Rodinal and Adonal very easy and quick. It’s also perfect as an accurate measure of chemistries that require small amounts. The scale has a 1 ml accuracy.


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