Adox RA-4 Color Paper Developer Kit – Part A: 500 ml & Part B: 500 ml Concentrate for 2500ml

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The Adox RA-4 Color Paper Developer Kit is the perfect way to get into color printing!

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The Adox RA-4 Developer Kit for Color Paper contains everything you need to develop color paper: Developer and Bleachfix. You simply dilute each bath with water 1+4 and get developing.

Today all papers are RA-4 compatible. The content of this kit is enough to process 5 square meters of paperequal to 100 sheets of 20cmX25cm or 8″X10″.

Partial mixings are possible but once opened the remaining concentrate should be used within 2 months.

The working solution keeps up for one month in well closed and entirely filled bottles.
The developer must be used at 35°C +/-0,3°C. The bleachfix is more forgiving but should not go below 30°C.

The instructions are in German and English.

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