Adox ADOFIX P II Fixer – Powder to make 1 Liter

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Adox ADOFIX P II Fixer – Powder to make 1 Liter good for approximately 10 rolls of 35mm film.

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Adox ADOFIX P II Fixer is the first product from the new ADOX Powder production.

Compared to the previous version, Adox ADOFIX P Fixer, the following improvements include:
More homogenous powder with less clogging up.
New ADOX CAPTURA Dust Binding technology. The powder does not smell anymore and does not produce dust while mixing.
Aluminum-Compound bag for increased shelve life

Adox ADOFIX P II Fixer is an acidic universal express-fixer for film and paper based on ammoniumthiosulphate.

ADOFIX P II is unusual in that it is a universal powder acid fixer for films and papers – all others being liquid. It can be used for manual processing of most types of black and white photo papers and films.

Both the powder and the working solution last a very long time. The benefits of ADOFIX P II are obvious when economy and high quality are required.

1 liter of working-solution for film fixes 10+ rolls of 35mm film.
1 liter of working-solution for paper fixes 1,5-2m².

This package produces 1 liter of working solution.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
I personally prefer powder fix for economy and long shelf life.

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