Rollei Vintage 312 Variable Contrast RC Paper – Matte Finish – 12,7×17,8cm – 100 Sheets

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This 100 sheet box of Rollei Vintage 312 Variable Contrast RC Paper has a matte finish and measures 12,7×17,8cm / 5″x7″in.

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Rollei Vintage 312 Variable Contrast RC Paper is a black-and-white, variable-contrast 12,7×17,8cm photographic paper with a smooth, matte finish on a pure white RC base. Rollei Vintage 312 successfully combines modern emulsion technology with a classic, proven RC base. The multi-contrast paper has a neutral image tone and is high speed. Rollei Vintage papers are characterized by good contrast resolution in the highlights. Prints are often successful on the first attempt, so these papers are fully recommended for beginners and hobbyists. Having said that, the most ambitious hobbyists and professional photographers will also enjoy using these papers. As a result of the developing substances incorporated into the paper, Rollei Vintage has very short exposure and development times. A high-quality, high-speed all-round paper which is equally suited for both tray and machine development. The contrast range extends from extra-soft to ultra-hard and can be controlled by using contrast filters during exposure. Rollei Vintage RC is available with three different finishes: Vintage 311 = glossy, Vintage 312 = matte and Vintage 314 = pearl. Rollei Vintage Variable Contrast RC Papers are a traditional silver gelatin b&w photographic paper.

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