Film Washi “K” 4×5″ Vintage Aerial Film – Kodak Plus-X – 100 ISO – 12 Sheets

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Film Washi “K” 4×5″ Vintage Aerial Film is very special indeed. This package comes with 12 4×5″ notched to upper right sheets.

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Film Washi “K” 4×5″ Vintage Aerial Film is adapted from a 3 km “aerographic” version of Kodak Plus-X film stock. Expired since 2000, it has been well preserved and still gives excellent results.

Kodak Plus-X has been out of production since 2011, but it still remains one of the major panchromatic films of the analog era. It will give good results for all kinds of classic photography.

NOTE: As this original stock of film is perforated, perforations will be visible on two sides of the pictures. This “aerographic” version of Kodak Plus-X is slightly more sensitive to red and gives very nice results with landscape photo.

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3 reviews for Film Washi “K” 4×5″ Vintage Aerial Film – Kodak Plus-X – 100 ISO – 12 Sheets

  1. Hubregt Visser (verified owner)

    Starting with LF photography, this is a nice film to start with. The perforations are on the short sides and do not disturb the image. The notch can be easily detected. Developed in Rodinal 1+50 for 13 minutes with two inversions every half minute give nice, contrasty negatives with little grain.

  2. Hubregt Visser (verified owner)

    Nice film if you are starting with LF photography and want to start with a limited nr of sheets. I have used this film to test my homemade 4×5 camera. The film is a nice, contrasty 100 ISO one. The perforations/sprockets on the short sides are no problem. Development in a 800ml (Patterson) tank, using the taco method (folding over the sheet, emulsion side in and keeping it with a hair elastic band) works well up to 4 sheets in Rodinal 1+50 for 13 minutes, 2 inversions every half minute. I have ordered my second set.

    Image #1 from Hubregt Visser
    Image #2 from Hubregt Visser
  3. Ruud Janssen (verified owner)

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