CamerHack FAKMATIC 126 Film Cassette for use with 35mm Film

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Dust off your 126 camera and use it again with a CamerHack FAKMATIC 126 Film Cassette.
*NOTE: Film is not included.

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The CamerHack FAKMATIC 126 Film Cassette Adapter (FAKMATIC) lets you use 35mm film in any 126 format camera.

The FAKMATIC gets your 126 cameras off of the bookshelf and used again!

The plastic parts are nicely printed with a organic polymer and are extremely strong!

It’s pretty easy to use. Roll up some 35mm film, tape it to the 126 spool and insert it into the cassette. It comes with detailed instructions that will guide you step-by-step into loading the 35mm film into Instamatic cameras, taking photographs and respooling the film for development.

The kit comes with one shell, one spool, the top and detailed instructions.

Any 126 Camera will work.

If you have any questions about compatibility, let me know.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
What’s there not to like? This 126 adapter may not be for everyone. Loading must be done in a darkroom and some 126 cameras accept the cassette better than others. These adapters have made it possible to use many of the cameras I have that were unusable without modifying, or destroying. These adapters are really well-made. BCG is the sole distributor of CamerHack adapters in The Netherlands!

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