Superduperhappy :)

Sometimes you come across a product, of a service and you just know- this is a work of passion. I had that feeling when I first found this website. I discovered an assortment of film that I hadn’t found in other places, and for reasonable prices, too. I then learned that Chuck not only has a great web-shop with anything I can think of for my analogue photography needs, but also a Youtube channel with some fun clips and tutorials on how lo load film in the cameras I inherited from my granddad, and free manuals for these cameras as well!

To me it just feels right. The shipping times are great, communication is smooth, fast and cordial. Assortment better than anywhere I’ve come across in the Netherlands. I wholeheartedly recommend BCG Film & Photography, and will definitely be a returning customer.

Ordered a Starter Kit on Monday, received on Tuesday, and developed my first BW film right away. Shot on Afga Clack, Ilford5 ISO400 with stand develop. So happy with the products and with the results!! Today I’ll be working on my Brownie box six-20 D film ! Can’t wait!