Paterson Large Changing Bag: 70 x 70 cm

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This is a genuine, high-quality Paterson Large Changing Bag. Perfect for loading film into a processing tank.

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A Paterson Large Changing Bag is probably the most essential piece of equipment a photographer can carry, and it is also one of the most simple. Having a changing bag to hand means that a jammed or partly exposed film can be safely removed from the camera and shooting can continue and it will allow a film to be loaded into a developing tank without having to first find a darkroom. The Paterson changing bag is small enough to fit into a camera bag, yet large enough to allow a camera back to be fully opened once inside or a film to be loaded into a tank. It has a fail-safe double skin with a double zip closure and the inner lining is specially designed to avoid perspiration in prolonged use.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
I own this changing bag, use it and LOVE IT! It goes with me on every shoot and while traveling. It’s perfect for my “problem” cameras, respooling 620 film, loading and unloading 4×5″ and any other small darkroom need when a darkroom is not available. I find it essential for pinhole photography. If you process film and don’t have a darkroom, handling film becomes easy with this bag. I’ve used the same one for years of heavy use.

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