Kodak Kodalite Super-M 40 Flasholder with 3 Free Bulbs

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Kodak Kodalite Super-M 40 Flasholder with 3 Free Bulbs

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This Kodak Kodalite Super-M 40 Flasholder is in new condition and looks like it has never been on a camera! Everything is there including the instructions and Kodalite Midget B-C Flashpack(no batteries). The box has opened quite a bit causing one of the closing flaps to have come off.

This set includes 2 reflectors, a 3 inch and a 4 inch.

It can use either 2 x AA batteries or the Kodalite Midget B-C Flashpack, which is in the new looking battery compartment, with a special 15v Photoflash Battery. I don’t think a battery has ever been installed in this flasholder.

It attaches to any Kodak or Kodak Brownie camera that uses a screw-in, also known as a pin and screw, flash mount. This is the attachment found on Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model and the Brownie Starflex cameras, for instance. If you have a question about whether it will fit your camera, contact me and I’ll let you know.

I’m including 3 free #25 flashbulbs that fit this flasholder.

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