Film Washi “S” 120 Roll Film – Sound Recording Film – 50 iso

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Film Washi “S” 120 Sound Recording Roll Film. This 120 film is rated at 50 ISO.

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Film Washi “S” 120 Sound Recording Film is used by motion picture professionals for sound recording, a use which requires very fine grain and ultra high definition. This sharpness is guaranteed by a special anti-halation layer located between the film’s base and the emulsion layer, usually in back layer for ordinary films.

This film is not completely red sensitive and it can affect the results of your pictures, skies can easily be overexposed. Diffuse light will reduce contrast.

“S” 120 Roll Film is rated at 50 ISO and has 36 exposures. For more information please see the datasheet.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
I absolutely LOVE Film Washi! I use it when I think my subject matter will benefit from the results of the specific film chosen. This film helps the artistic thought process in image making that few other films can.

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