Film Washi “D” 35mm – Russian Aerospace – Panchromatic – 500 iso – 36 Exposures

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Film Washi “D” Panchromatic Russian Aerospace Film. This 35mm film is rated at 500 ISO and has 36 exposures.

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Originally coated for aerial surveillance and cartography, Film Washi “D” 35mm Panchromatic Russian Aerospace Film, known as “SPUTNIK”, is a panchromatic negative film offering high contrast and moderate grain. This film is used by the Russian aerospace industry for generic uses, including military aerial surveillance missions.

When you need high sensitivity and/or small aperture. This film can be pushed at 1600 iso and also be processed as a slide film.

This 35mm film is rated at 500 ISO and has 36 exposures. It is an industrial coated 75mμ polyester base with a maximum spectral sensitivity of 690 nm and must be processed/handled in total darkness. Film Washi “D” is spooled in recycled 135 cassettes (with no DX code), to be preferably used with manual cameras without automatic film advance systems, please see the datasheet.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
I absolutely LOVE Film Washi! I use it when I think my subject matter will benefit from the results of the specific film chosen. This film helps the artistic thought process in image making that few other films can.

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