CamerHack 35mm Film to 120 Rollfilm Adapter Kit without Paper Leader

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CamerHack 35mm Film to 120 Rollfilm Adapters allow sprocket panoramas to be taken with any 120 camera. Step aside Sprocket Rocket!

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The CamerHack 35mm (135) Film to 120 Rollfilm Adapter Kit without Paper Leader (FAK135s) lets you use normal 35mm film in any camera designed for the 120 film format.

This kit allows you to use 35mm film in your 120 camera and shoot incredible panoramas…exposing the whole film, sprockets and all.

This kit, the FAK 135s, does not come with a leader to be attached to the film, like the FAK 135. A paper leader is not neccessary, though it does aid in loading the film and prevents some waste. Leaders can also be made using leaders from old 120 rolls of film.

The plastic parts are nicely printed with a organic polymer, which is stronger than the 120 spool material itself!

The kit comes with 2 adapters for the 35mm canister, 1 container box for the adapters and detailed instructions. There are no modifications needed to the camera…simply put the adapters on, load the camera and shoot away!

Any Camera That Uses 120 Rollfilm can use this kit, whether crank advance or box 120 cameras.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Please Note that this kit requires an empty 120 spool for film take-up. If you need one, let me know when purchasing and I will include it for free!

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
What’s there not to like? Sprocket Rocket definitely applies here! BCG is the sole distributor of CamerHack adapters in The Netherlands!

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