BCG Basic B&W Film Processing Starter Kit

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Explore processing film with this basic and high-quality starter kit. 10 rolls of black and white film can be processed with the chemistry in this kit!

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BCG Basic B&W Film Processing Starter Kit contains everything you need to start developing your black & white film on a budget. A couple of chemical storage bottles(recycled 1 liter soda or juice bottles) and a timer/clock is all that’s needed to start.


  • Paterson Film Developing Tank Including 2 Reels to Process 2 x 35mm or 1 × 120 at a time
  • Adox ADONAL Film Developer – 100ml Concentrate
  • Adox ADOFIX Plus Rapid Fixer – 100ml Concentrate
  • Adox ADOFLO II Wetting Agent – 100ml Concentrate
  • Adox 15cm Darkroom Thermometer Containing No Mercury
  • VOS 25ml Graduated Measuring Cylinder – Borosilicate Glass
  • Kartell 1000ml PP Graduated Measuring/Mixing Beaker
  • Some Exposed Film For Spooling Practice
  • 4 Pages of Instructions Written By Chuck Baker(BCG Film & Photography)

The materials supplied are not some cheap knockoffs for this kit but are intended to be used well after your first few developing sessions.

Paterson Film Developing Tanks are constructed from high-impact polystyrene that stands up to high volume use. This tank has no hidden parts, and is always easy to keep clean. The Super System 4 Tanks are durable, easy to use, and provide a consistent and even film development. It features a unique snap-in light trapping funnel for quick filling and emptying, to ensure even development and precise processing times. The Super System 4 Tank offers a choice of agitation methods; use inversion agitation, rotary agitation with the removable agitator rod supplied or a combination of both.The Paterson Film Developing Tank Tank holds two 35mm film rolls or a single roll of 120/220 film. It comes with two multi-format reels for 35mm, 126, 127, 120, or 220 rolls.The thoughtful design of Super System 4 includes a funnel which locks in place to keep reels secure. And, as an extra safety feature, the cap cannot be locked if the funnel is improperly seated Chemicals can pour without splash and solution quantities are permanently indicated on the bottom of every tank. All Super System 4 parts are interchangeable. The Super System 4 is simpler to load, faster to fill and easier to clean than any other tank.

Adox Adonal Film Developer is produced according to Agfa Leverkusen´s latest Rodinal formula from 2004. This developer is great for just about any black & white film. The recommended 1:25-1:50 dilution produces crisp negatives of normal contrast with slightly more obvious grain than standard fine-grain developers. Use it 1:100 for stand development.

Adox ADOFIX Fixer is a standard along with Adox ADOFLO II Wetting Agent for use after washing to eliminate any water spots.

VOS 25ml Graduated Borosilicate Glass Measuring Cylinder is of the highest quality available, perfect for diluting chemicals that require 1:25, 1:50, 1:100…etc.

Kartell 1000ml PP Graduated Measuring/Mixing Beakers are laboratory quality for those who demand the best!

The Adox Darkroom Thermometer measures 15cm long is much more accurate than cheaply made and overpriced digital thermometers. The temperature measured range is 15°C – 40°C in 1.0° increments.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
The BCG Film Processing Basic Starter Kit is a great starting point to build upon! I’ve constructed this kit with the same darkroom supplies that I use in my own darkroom. The tank, thermometer, glass measuring cylinder, and measuring/mixing beaker are high-quality to be used for decades!
Compare this BCG kit to the popular Fotompex starter kit.

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