Legacypro Lloyd’s 35mm Daylight Bulk Film Loader with free AP Reusable Film Cartridge.

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If you shoot 35mm, buying bulk film and spooling or rolling it yourself can save you up to 50% in film costs!

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Legacypro Lloyd’s 35mm Daylight Bulk Film Loader can hold up to 100 feet or 30.5m of 35mm bulk film. Only loading the bulk film into the loader itself must be done in TOTAL darkness. Once the bulk film is in the loader, individual cartridges can be loaded in daylight.

Loading your own film saves time and money. It’s also a lot of fun! You can also load a cartridge with a short length and have less exposures to suit your needs.

Though there is no “counter” on this machine, which helps to keep the cost low, there is a guide for how many turns loads how many images.

BCG has added a free reusable film cartridge to make this loader usable right from the box. Just add bulk film!

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