Adox SCALA 160 35mm B&W Reversal/Slide Film – 36 Exposures

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Adox SCALA 160 35mm B&W Reversal/Slide Film – 36 Exposures

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Adox SCALA 160 is the new version of the legendary b&w slide film originally coming from AGFA. Compared to the original, this film has 160 ASA featuring a fine grain.

Adox SCALA 160 35mm Film has APX emulsion, clear triacetate carrier, anti halo effect, high silver application for the needed density and very high contrast in the projection.
Slide films must be reverse-processed, for instance using the Fomapan-R processing set.

Using the reverse-processing set allows for home development, however, the following labs offer B&W slide development services:
Klaus Wehner, Paderborn (per mailorder) with DMAX guarantee >3,5
Fotostudio 13, Stuttgart (local drop of or via mail)
Foto Fehling, Bergmannstrasse, Berlin (Local drop off)
ARKALAB, Paris (local drop off)
Foto Leutner, Vienna (Austria)
DR5, USA (Mail order)
Nik and Trick Photographic Supplies, Folkstone (UK)

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