Digital Darkroom Timer & Clock with Alarm – Model 1

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This low-cost Digital Darkroom Timer & Clock with Alarm is perfect for every darkroom task. I use a couple of digital timers in my darkroom, especially for film processing. I use the same timers in count-up/stopwatch mode for print developing.

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This digital timer and alarm clock is perfect for darkroom use. It has an easy-to-read display and can free-stand, has a magnet or can be hung from a hook. It’s easy to use and has a loud beeping alarm.

It has several modes:
Countdown Timer/Stopwatch – In “TIMER” mode, either set the countdown time and press start or press start without designating a countdown time for a count-up/stopwatch. To clear the countdown or stopwatch, first push start/stop and then clear.
Clock With 2 Separate Alarms That Can Be Independently Set – In “CLOCK” mode, the time can be set by pushing hour-min-sec.
To set the 1st alarm push the mode button twice and there is no mode specified. This is where to set the 1st alarm by setting the alarm time and then the start/stop button, you will see the alarm icon appear…the alarm is now set. In clock mode you will see the same alarm icon indicating the alarm clock is set. From the clock mode push the mode button 3 times and here is where the 2nd alarm can be set. When 2 alarms are set, in clock mode 2 alarm icons will be on.
To eliminate the alarms go to where the alarm(s) was set, push the start/stop button and then the clear button.

It runs on one AAA battery, which has been added to the package.

Made in P.R.C.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
When I find low priced products like this, I buy them and pass the savings onto you.

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1 review for Digital Darkroom Timer & Clock with Alarm – Model 1

  1. Dennis Leavell (verified owner)

    A little difficult to read and navigate in the darkroom. Would love to see a red LED screen.

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