Fotoimpex Wide-Mouth Brown Plastic Chemical Bottle – 1000ml

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Fotoimpex Wide-Mouth Brown Plastic 1000ml Chemical Bottle offers professional storage for your mixed photographic chemistry so that it’s ready to use.

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These Fotoimpex Wide-Mouth Brown Plastic 1 Liter Chemical Bottles are made for storing your lab-chemicals as best was possible. Because of the large opening, they are easy to fill and to pour. The plastic is manufactured in multiple layers which makes it nearly impossible for chemicals to get out and air to get in. The closing caps are tight. These bottles hold enough chemistry for processing 2 x 35mm or 120 rollfilms and small printing sessions.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
These 1 liter bottles are perfect for those who process 1 or 2 rolls of film at a time. Keeps stop and fix long term and allows for easy heating or cooling by water bath for immediate use. Since I always mix fresh developer, I use these bottles for stop, fix and wash-aids.

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