Kodak Brownie 127 Camera with Neck Strap – Second Model (#3)

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This Kodak Brownie 127, Second Model Camera comes with an original Neck Strap – Good Working Condition – Regular expected wear but not bad for a Brownie made 55+ years ago! Shutter is working and snappy.

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This is a Kodak Brownie 127, Second Model Camera (#3) of the very popular 127 series. This is the horizontal lined face-plate model that was produced from 1959-1963 in England.

It uses 127 film and produces amazingly large 4cm X 6cm negatives. It has a simple meniscus lens with f/11 aperture with an original shutter speed of 1/50th.

This particular Kodak Brownie 127 Camera works well, has a snappy shutter and the original neck strap. There are no cracks or chips on the camera or around the seal. The lens looks good and I’ve added a take-up spool so it’s ready to go with a roll of film.

It is clean but like all old cameras like this, it could use a personal cleaning to make it your own.

Here’s more information on The Brownie Camera Page.

The Brownie Camera Guy says:
Load it with some film, go out and use it…the Kodak Brownie 127 Camera is fun and easy to use.

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